Monday, November 3, 2008

Bazaar results

The church bazaar was Saturday. The baby blanket knit with two stands of variegated sold, and I got a commission to do another one. The sailor scarf did not sell, but I got a commission to make one like it in wool in a different colorway. So the bazaar will end up making $80 from my stuff, eventually.

This morning I finished a crocheted prayer shawl. St. Matthew's needs several shawls this week, so I will drive it up there tomorrow. It is worsted weight in a claret color. I worked a swatch to do another one in double crochet ridges, so I'll get that one going tonight.

I will get up early tomorrow to vote. My polling place is just a 5-block walk from home. So I will plan to be there before the 6:30 a.m. opening time. I will, of course, have a knitting project with me in case there is a line. If I heard correctly, over half the registered voters in Durham have already voted! Wonderful!