Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bazaar knitting and other stuff

This Saturday is the annual bazaar at Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham, NC, where I am the organist. I knit them a few scarves every year. This year I'm using a Paton's yarn called Paint Box to make the seaman's institute pattern. I think I'll have two completed in time.

At one of my bookkeeping churches, this was financial review week. I had quite a bit to do over the last several weeks to get ready for it since they haven't had one in several years. Now that we are past the on-site portion, I feel like I can have my life back.

I have signed up for the Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange. This is the second one they have sponsored (I couldn't participate in the first one). It will be just over two weeks until I get the information on my "spoilee."

My gut problem seems to have improved since I started assaulting it with yogurt. I ran out for a day or two, and it seemed like the condition had returned somewhat. I'm stocked up again now, so I'm hoping that the improvement will return.

Weather turned cold overnight, so I had to dig out a hat this morning. I grabbed a shawl to wear under my coat --- it was the prayer shawl I was given last year before the first of my surgeries. It was a great comfort then, and it still is.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

End of a Full Week

I knew it would be a full week. And it was.

I finished the retirement shawl (cream mohair, ruffle on each end, a version of basketweave called "mint flip" for the body). I have to make a date with the recipient to give it to her. She likes lighthouses, so I'm going to give her a photograph card with a lighthouse on it as well.

I delivered a white baby blanket to a friend for the Interfaith Hospitality Network fund-raiser. Glad I had it on hand.

One of the priests at my parish has a new son, so the other baby blanket may go there, though I did do a blanket for their first child; I may rely on them to hand it down to son #2. Other wise it may go to the bazaar at the church where I'm organist (Watts Street Baptist, Durham, NC).

Last night, went to the first half of an organ recital in Raleigh (NC). The organ is not terribly good (though it is brand new -- $2 million). The organist was so-so. We left at intermission to go to supper at Bella Monica, a very good Italian restaurant in Raleigh. They do great flat bread pizzas!

And since we were near a grocery store, did some grocery shopping. I'm learning to eat yogurt in the hopes of solving my long-standing gut problem. So far, it seems to be helping. Greek-style, low fat yogurt seems the best. It's just like eating sour cream, but with less guilt!

Worked at one of my bookkeeping jobs for several hours today. Then stopped for lunch. Read the new Lion Brand book on prayer shawls (vol. 2). I don't think much of the Homespun yarn that is recommended, so I generally use other yarns.

Am now waiting to practice for tomorrow's service. The pastor is rehearsing his sermon right now, so I'll slip in after he's done.

I'm playing a lunch-time recital at the Chapel of the Cross (Chapel Hill, NC) on November 12, so I'll do some practicing for that as well.

Then I'll probably spend the evening at home attending to laundry and trying to finish a prayer shawl for a meeting tomorrow.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, again

Well, it's Monday again.

The swatch of the Seafoam stitch pattern didn't work. I'll have to try it again on smaller needles.

So, at prayer shawl group, I worked on the cream mohair shawl being knit for a colleague's retirement. Only two rows to go, then bind off and weave in ends. It is late, so I'll take it to her house this week.

A friend e-mailed asking if I had something to donate for the Interfaith Hospitality Network auction. I do. A knitted white baby blanket. Glad I have it on hand.

Have just received a book of quotations for the Church Year. Lots of good stuff. I'm sure quotes will appear here.

Have a good week.

Friday, October 3, 2008




This has been a long week. The secular company I work for moved last week, so this week was spent unpacking (not done yet --- a long way to go!) and trouble-shooting move-related glitches (like getting the newspaper subscription changed --- still not solved). On top of which I've been trying to get rid of a minor cold.

One of the church prayer shawl groups is taking part in a fund-raiser later this year. The festival is based on fund-raisers that a group had in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century. In the minutes of that group, a seafoam shawl is mentioned. A number of us have tried to track down what this might have been. I discovered a knitted pattern called "seafoam," so I am going make a shawl out of it and donate it to the fund-raiser. The ps group meets tomorrow morning, so this evening I'm going to try to get through the pattern a few times so I can show it to the others.

I have so enjoyed reading others' blogs that today I decided to start this one. I hope to write on a regular basis.