Friday, October 3, 2008




This has been a long week. The secular company I work for moved last week, so this week was spent unpacking (not done yet --- a long way to go!) and trouble-shooting move-related glitches (like getting the newspaper subscription changed --- still not solved). On top of which I've been trying to get rid of a minor cold.

One of the church prayer shawl groups is taking part in a fund-raiser later this year. The festival is based on fund-raisers that a group had in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century. In the minutes of that group, a seafoam shawl is mentioned. A number of us have tried to track down what this might have been. I discovered a knitted pattern called "seafoam," so I am going make a shawl out of it and donate it to the fund-raiser. The ps group meets tomorrow morning, so this evening I'm going to try to get through the pattern a few times so I can show it to the others.

I have so enjoyed reading others' blogs that today I decided to start this one. I hope to write on a regular basis.

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