Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bazaar knitting and other stuff

This Saturday is the annual bazaar at Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham, NC, where I am the organist. I knit them a few scarves every year. This year I'm using a Paton's yarn called Paint Box to make the seaman's institute pattern. I think I'll have two completed in time.

At one of my bookkeeping churches, this was financial review week. I had quite a bit to do over the last several weeks to get ready for it since they haven't had one in several years. Now that we are past the on-site portion, I feel like I can have my life back.

I have signed up for the Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange. This is the second one they have sponsored (I couldn't participate in the first one). It will be just over two weeks until I get the information on my "spoilee."

My gut problem seems to have improved since I started assaulting it with yogurt. I ran out for a day or two, and it seemed like the condition had returned somewhat. I'm stocked up again now, so I'm hoping that the improvement will return.

Weather turned cold overnight, so I had to dig out a hat this morning. I grabbed a shawl to wear under my coat --- it was the prayer shawl I was given last year before the first of my surgeries. It was a great comfort then, and it still is.

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