Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still January

Can't belief January is over half gone. Wish it were over, since it is my busiest month!

Last Friday, as I was locking my apartment door, I saw through the lobby door that someone had picked up my newspaper and was walking away with it! I ran out and said, "Excuse me, but that's my paper." He turned around and came back, saying, "I was just going to read the sports section." Now, I only look at the sports section if Penn State is playing bowl game. But it was MY sports section just the same. He look very embarrassed, of course. I think he is one of regulars at Biscuitville at the end of my street. Haven't seen him there since.

Today I am enjoying some unanticipated free time due to a snow storm. When I looked out at 4 a.m. (and my paper had already arrived, so I retrieved it then and there, just in case), it was snowing, but the streets were just wet. Of course, there is now a layer of ice under the snow. About 9 a.m. I cleaned off the car (which I just got back from the shop, complete with a replaced engine, yesterday) and drove to the end of the street for breakfast. Street not in good shape. By the time I came out 30 minutes later, the windshielf and back window had already iced over.

Then went four blocks in the other direction to check on the church. All was well there, but that part of the street was in worse shape and the parking lot was an ice rink!

So, I will have some knitting time today. The exchange scarf is about half done. I've already gathered together the "goodies" to send along. Still have a ways to go on the shawl for the fund-raising auction at St. Philip's, but I should still be able to get it done in time.

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