Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15, 2009

I'm shipping the purple shawl to my sister-in-law today. I'll e-mail her and let her know to expect it.

Am almost done with the mohair shawl for the St. Philip's J2A auction. I thought I'd get it done on Saturday, but didn't have enough yarn with me. When I got home that night, I spent the evening unraveling (not always easy with mohair!) an abandoned shawl using the same yarn. Got about 2/3 of the ruffle knitted yesterday. I should be able to get it completely done this evening and turn it in tomorrow.

Have just started reading Phyllis Tickle's "The Great Emergence." The world's great religions seem "re-set" every 500 years of so.

Am also reading a book on writing by Pat Schneider. It was listed as recommended reading by the leader of a writing workshop I'm going to next month.

I'lll be having extra bloodwork done at my physical next month to try to pinpoint a cause or causes for my persistent weariness.

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