Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Enough Ruffles Scarf

I took at class at our local shop, Cozy, on the pattern "Just Enough Ruffles Scarf," from It was very interesting. I was really more interested in the ruffles, but the point of the class was to get some experience in the short-row technique. I used a silk wool yarn on size 6 needles. We started the class by knitting a miniature version so we could make sure we understood all the techniques involved. I went ahead and did the entire scarf in miniature, and I'm glad I did. I decided that I needed to use the size 6 needles to make the ruffle really "ruffly"! I got my scarf done in time for the second (and last) class, which was postponed due to the threat of snow. I've donated the scarf to the youth auction (tomorrow) at Watts Street Baptist Church (where I'm organist). I've started a second scarf in a medium blue wool. I think there are some weaknesses in the pattern. There seems to be a row missing after the garter stitch beginning. And the garter stitch ends up rolling. I'm following the pattern for the second one, but if I do more of them, I will experiment with seed stitch and ribbing to start.

Have a difficult wedding to play today. Did not get the music list (I wasn't consulted) till late in the game, so have had to work harder and faster on the Widor Toccata (V) than I would have liked. Fortunately, I'd already started to resurrect it for a recital here on May 31. The trumpeter will turn pages for me.

Have fallen behind on my reading mentioned here earlier. Maybe I'll get some done while at the beach next weekend.

There is a call for original patterns for prayer shawls. I'm going to design one meant for men and submit it. Pattern and sample has to be turned in by May 24, so I've got to get moving. I've already designed it in my head, but I need to write it down and actually crochet it pretty soon.

I was talking to an acquaintance recently and she suggested that maybe my fatigue is "adrenal fatigue." I did some reasearch on line and didn't come up with a whole lot of information, but it certainly is possible.

Have an annual church financial audit starting Monday. I got several boxes of materials packed this morning and will go back tomorrow to finish packing stuff up and run the last of the reports I usually have on hand. This one is earlier than usual, for which I'm thankful.


Emily said...

Fascinating! A knitting blog by an organist! My father was an organist (George Faxon) and he played that Widor a lot. If I remember correctly, the pages fly by insanely fast? Or is that the Carillon thingie? Anyway, glad to find you.

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