Friday, December 26, 2008

The 2nd Day of Christmas

Only managed to finish 5 hats (crochet) for the Knit 1 Save 1 project for Save the Children. I have not yet heard how many our group at FPC did.

Am almost done with the purple shawl for my sister-in-law. Just have to do the stripes to finish it off, then weave in ends. I thought I might get to visit her and my brother over Christmas, but now it doesn't look likely. Will have to ship it to her.

One of the churches I work for has an auction every other year to help fund the youth group's pilgrimage. I don't remember where they're going , but I have agreed to donate something. I have a mohair shawl on my needles that is not already spoken for, so that will be it.

My bookkeeping work will keep me very busy over the next five weeks. So, after the shawls are done, I will concentrate on my Scarf Exchange project (due 1/20). I finally found the yarn I want and have settled on a pattern. Just have to wind the hank before I get started.

This year I decided to put together my own card for Epiphany. The lay-out is done. I just have to get some cardstock and print them. I found an 15th-century German painting of the Adoration of the Magi and will use that, along with some verses from the carol "What Child Is This."

I'll need to work some today, but nothing too stressful as far as I can tell. Got up early so I could finish reading one of my Christmas presents ("All I Could Bare" by Craig Seymour). It was fascinating. I also got some interesting DVD's which I will have to watch on my laptop or wait till I get a new TV (mine is dying fast). One of my projects today is to do some more shopping for a new TV.

Spent a nice day yesterday. For the first time in a long time (decades, I think), I didn't have to play anywhere on Christmas morning. So I slept in for a change. Had a nice lunch with friends at 1 p.m. After lunch, I worked on a crocheted prayer shawl while the others played Liverpool Rummy. Then at 4:30, a friend and I went to the Christmas party of the owner of our favorite restaurant. We did a Chinese gift exchange. I took an egg cuber and came home with a large-print calculator.

I have to work a lot tomorrow, but I'm not playing on Sunday, so that will be another day to sleep in!

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Craig Seymour said...

Hey - Thanks so much for mentioning my book. Glad you enjoyed it. All the best - Craig